Marble and Granite Processing


Ca’ D’ORO S.p.A was founded in 1988. Our company is located 100 km East of Venice and 40 km South-East of Udine. Ca’ D’ORO’s roots lie in construction. It wasn’t until the late eighties when the founding family, who had an eye on expanding its markets abroad, decided to diversify and move into the natural stones sector.

Our strength lies in its drive for innovation, in the relentless and unwavering attention it dedicates to maintaining a high technical level of production and company organization. Our years of hard work and dedication have paid off and are reflected in the company’s increased demand and continuous growth. Ca’ D’ORO is now a well-known and trusted name in the fields of construction, furnishings and funerary memorials.

In 2002 a new branch was opened in Cavaion Veronese which lies in the heart of the Italian stone processing district. Given the company’s ever-increasing presence in the European marketplace, the most precious materials are showcased here and framed within the business philosophy Ca’ D’ORO lives by which is based on “customer satisfaction”.

In 2006 a third branch was opened in Carrara, at the foothills of the Apuan Alps, the most famous quarrying region in the world and within a short distance from the seaport.

Ca’D’ORO has made a name for itself in the transformation of the raw material and finished slabs which are purchased and personally inspected in countries all over the world by a highly skilled and qualified staff who are supported by the latest in technical innovation. What sets our company apart from others is a solid, dynamic and highly competent network of business affiliates with a staff of young, motivated individuals whose goal is to promote our products, guaranteeing our clients the best in terms of quality and price. This is what our clients demand and this is what Ca’ D’ORO stands for.

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